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Monotone moods for a sultry skincare shoot

For Mirror Water
Spring 2023

Back in summer 2021 I decided to take a couple of weeks off client work to create some space for passion projects. I've contacted a few brands and went out my way to purchase some of the products to play around with some ideas in my photography studio. One of those brands was Mirror Water.

Mirror Water is a self care brand focusing on cultivating rituals of relaxation. I've been admiring their sustainable products for a little while and I've been dreaming of creating some moody and atmospheric product imagery to capture the soulful properties of the body oil. So, I decided to work on a little passion project and bring my vision to life.

"Wow wow wow! The images! How can I thank you!?"

I've gone ahead and created a photography moodboard for this project focused on some experimental and moody shots. It was really important for me to keep these images in line with Mirror Water's aesthetic so I brainstormed different props and backdrops that would work with the brand's neutral look.



From the photography moodboard I narrowed down the props and backdrops I wanted to use as well as the general atmosphere I wanted to create. I used neutral backdrops, different shaped props and even water to highlight the hydrating properties of the body oil. I loved experimenting with different compositions, shooting from new angles and applying various styles of edit before deciding on the final look.


I could not be happier with how these shots turned out. From minimalistic and monotone shots to experimental water images, this shoot allowed me to play around with new ideas. Applying a dark edit and adding some grain intensified the sultry look and elevated these by adding a touch of film like quality.

"Elit sed vulputate mi sit amet mauris commodo quis imperdiet venenatis cras sed felis eget velit aliquet. Leo a diam sollicitudin tempor"

Mirror Water

Cultivating rituals of relaxation, MIRROR WATER is a self care brand focused on a revolution within ourselves.
London, UK
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