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Bright white clarity for a British beauty brand

For Tisserand
Summer 2023

Tisserand is a wonderful sustainable aromatherapy brand, embracing natural power of essential oils. We have now worked together on over 10 shoots and everytime we collaborate, it really is just a dream.

"Weronika's work has transformed the look of our website and social content, and has brought our products to life!"

This shoot was all about photographing new products in a similar style we had done before, marble & white backdrops and lots of lovely plant shadows to make sure new imagery works well with our previous photography.

With the Half Day Package we had agreed on a shot list with up to 25 final images including some single shots, textures and groups images.


I feel that we have really managed to nail down the approach to shooting Tisserand products. The clean aesthetic allows the products to be the real hero of each shot and the uncluttered scene gives them space to breathe. We always keep the props to minimum and a great way to create minimalistic imagery is to use packaging of the product as well as playing with shadows to add some depth and interest.

From creating individual product shots for website listings to group imagery, banner shots, texture close ups and seasonal photography, we've covered just about everything you could need from your product photoshoot.


The client was very happy with the final results and I was so pleased that the shoot had gone as planned. Having a clear visual direction helps to execute everything to the highest level and it means that both, myself and the client are on the same page.

As always, it's been so wonderful to work with a brand I am very passionate about (and have used many of their products which I absolutely love!) and I can't wait for our next project.

"Weronika has been creating beautiful product photography for us for a while now, and not only is she is an absolute delight to work with, she is professional, organised and always nails the brief. "


Tisserand is an ethical and sustainable aromatherapy brand, offering organic, wild crafted or ethically harvested oils.
London, UK
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