Weronika Karczewska Photography

Minimalistic and editorial jewellery shoot

For A Weathered Penny
Spring 2023

A Weathered Penny is a London based independent brand, creating design led jewellery and beauty accessories.

I'm such a huge of the brand so when Kayleigh initially reached out about an idea she had for a shoot I of course said yes and since then we've collaborated multiple times on the most stunning photography projects.

This was a mini shoot which allowed up to 10 final images and it was the perfect package for a spring/summer website refresh.

"Weronika is easy to work with, she's very creative and always matches the brief's set. "

It was important the the general feel of this jewellery shoot would be light, fresh, natural and minimal. We wanted to make sure that the new imagery feels summery, ready to brighten up the website and social media platforms.

With 10 final images, it was crucial to make a clear plan of action to make sure that the client was getting exactly what she was after. With a help of a Pinterest moodboard, shot list and a styling questionnaire, I was able to gather all of the key information to make sure that our shoot is going to be a success.


To achieve a summery look, I gathered some of my natural toned props such as dried flowers, stones, broken up tiles and creamy backdrops. I wanted to create set ups that were minimal but chic and editorial all at the same time, the jewellery is the true hero here so it was important that we don't use anything that will overpower the pieces.

I truly believe that less is more and creating minimalistic jewellery shots is my favourite thing! To make the scenes more interesting, I added some shadows to create moodier shots and give add some dynamic to the images.


I feel like I say this about every shoot, but this has truly been one of my favourite jewellery photoshoots! The client was thrilled with the final results and that's truly the best feedback I can ask for.

The images work perfectly on the website and social media and add a gentle hint of summer whilst complementing our previous photography so everything blends in effortlessly.

"Weronika makes everything super easy from booking-planning-to shoot day. Always providing high quality images with a quick turnaround."

A Weathered Penny

A Weathered Penny is a London based independent brand, creating design led jewellery and beauty accessories.
London, UK
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