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Dreamy hand made jewellery photoshoot

For Nicola Lawrence Jewellery
Summer 2022

Jewellery product photography is my absolute favourite. Which is why when Nicola from Nicola Lawrence Jewellery got in touch I was 100% in before she even had a chance to share her ideas with me. From taking a quick look at her products and the brand colour palette, we were truly destined to be a match made in a photography heaven.

"I can not recommend Weronika enough, she has been a dream to work with!"

From the beginning Nicola seemed to have had a pretty good idea of what she was after and the vibe she wanted me to create. The aim was to keep the new jewellery product shots in line with her existing photo library, giving the new images a little bit of a zhuzh and improving the overall photo quality. Her brand consists of delicate, feminine and and neutral colours so it was important to keep this in mind when choosing our props and backdrops. Nicola had shared with me her love for dappled, twinkly light and soft shadows and by this point, I knew exactly the images to take.


Because of the beautiful granulated texture of the jewellery, it was important to keep the focus on the product, showcasing the hand made element nature of the brand. To make sure the jewellery was always the hero of the shot, I used very minimal props such as jewellery trays, ring cones, small trinket dishes as well as blocks and hints of dried flowers. I always whip out my macro lens when shooting jewellery to make sure I can get super close to the product and capture all the wonderful detail that is often the selling point when it comes to hand made jewellery.

I played around with shadows and reflections, mimicking a beautiful sun rays flooding through into my studio. In reality, I used my studio lights and several transparent objects such as empty glass bottles to imitate the dappled sunlight.


The final results were exactly what I had envisioned for this jewellery photoshoot. The neutral backdrops and minimal props allowed the rings, earrings and necklaces to shine whilst keeping all of the beautiful granulation textures as the key focus of every image. I was absolutely overjoyed to know that Nicola loved not only the final shots, but she thoroughly enjoyed the overall process of working together.

"Weronika's professionalism, creativity and her communication have all made the process so enjoyable, and the final images are just incredible."

Nicola Lawrence Jewellery

Nicola Lawrence creates hand made contemporary jewellery centred around granulation and texture.
Bolton, UK
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