Weronika Karczewska Photography

Minimal imagery for a conscious fragrance brand

For Tenth Muse
Spring 2024

Tenth Muse is a London based conscious fragrance brand offering compact perfumes that are designed to last all day.

This shoot was about updating & refreshing existing imagery as well as capturing photos for an upcoming launch of a new product so it was important that all of the images worked really well together as well as on their own.


"I’m so pleased with the results and would 100% recommend choosing Weronika to work with on product shoots."

Having followed the brand on social media for a little while, I was so excited to hear from Sophie and her ideas for this product shoot. She had a clear vision of refreshing and updating the existing content with a touch of editorial magic. The aim was to keep the photos clean, uncluttered but elevated to make the products stand out.

With the Complete Package, we were able to work on a series shots consisting of different angles and set ups to achieve a cohesive look between the images whilst offering enough variety between them.

We kicked this project off with a discovery call which allowed me to understand Sophie's vision and and ideas for the project. She shared the moodborad with me and I instantly knew this was going to be a very special project.


We wanted to elevate the images whilst still keeping them minimal and clean. One of my favourite ways to do that is by playing with shadows, lights and reflections as well as adding some grain to the photos.

We chose to use neutral colours as a base for the photos and only a few props to add a bit more interest to the images. From single shots, different angles, close ups, group shots, portrait images, landscape crops and packaging photos we covered a tonne of content, all ready for a website & social media makeover.

For props we went for delicate ceramics, natural elements such as rocks and stones and dried flowers and interesting shapes to add more depth to the shots.


This was an absolute dream to work on and I am so pleased with the final results we managed to achieve. The photos compliment the products so well and truly encapsulate what the brand is about.

We hope to work with Tenth Muse again in the future to create more scroll stopping imagery for their brand.

"Weronika was amazingly professional throughout and had great automated processes installed which helped prep logistics for the shoot."

Tenth Muse

Conscious fragrance that prioritise the health of both your skin and the environment.
London, UK
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